At one point I realized that I had been severely affected by the negativity surrounding me. From negative family and friends, trash tv, certain music, social media... the internet in general but the one that had the most impact was the internet. The Nuesstand will spread awareness related to the effects that consuming negative content has on your thoughts and life while helping people create and maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle. Helping people glow up mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

The media and entertainment industry has become oversaturated with gossip and negativity taking away from pure artistry and contaminating our "CUPS". Sharmaine has presented The Nuesstand to the world as a healthier solution to the world of media entertainment. Her love for the music industry, health and wellness, beauty, and maintaining a positive mindset has allowed

her to have a clear and passionate perspective rooted in positivity. Motivating others plays a major role in Sharmaine’s purpose and she plans to do so through this platform. Feel free to explore, catch a positive vibe, and fall in love with something Nuee!

10 Facts


1. My name is Sharmaine but I was given the nickname Nuee in college because my accent was THICK af 🤣

2. I was born in Miami but raised in Benton Harbor, Michigan (google it, don’t go there though)

3. I set a goal to live a completely plant based lifestyle by 30 (I’m 29). We have to take care of our bodies now so they can take care of us laterLiving a healthy lifestyle is very important to me.

4. After recognizing how NEGATIVE thoughts and influences were affecting my life I started @TheNuesstand to share my journey to good health & PositiviTEA while helping others create and maintain a health positive lifestyle mentally, physically, and spiritually

5. Double Degreed  !! Bachelors in Health Administration and my Masters in Nonprofit Leadership and Management. Good Health & CommuniTEA is key 

6. My brain is 90% song lyrics, 10% movie quotes! Just call me RadioHead 🤣

7. Lil Wayne is the GOAT.. please don’t try to debate this with me

8. I luuhhhh God, you don’t luhhh God what’s wrong with you  but Forreal

9. I’m Nicki Minaj and/or a gang member in my head SUE ME! 

10. LASHES ARE LIFE period! And I like them long and luxurious idc IDC idc

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