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Dear Frank Movie Premiere

After only a few months into my journey in LA I've been granted a few opportunities that I could have only dreamed of. From being in the third row at the 2019 BET Awards (post coming soon) to being booked as a media correspondent for this red carpet movie premiere, God has been looking out!!! I'm so excited to present to you #PositivePress: In this segment we highlight and celebrate positive people, causes, and events on all levels.

We strive to create more positive options to the world of media and entertainment by generating positive content ONLY related to popular topics (i.e music, health, self-love, beauty, inspiration, positive thinking, and lifestyle). Media has become oversaturated with negativity affecting our subconscious mind in a way that most people recognize. Everything that you read, listen to, and focus on has an effect on how you think. Your thoughts create your life so we want to promote positive images of our people, the importance of purpose, and help you create a positive mindset and lifestyle.

Let's get to the TEA.

The Dear Frank LA movie premiere presented by Ma-Me Mogul Productions, Webber Films, and Muddy Water Pictures took place Saturday August 10th at the prestigious Raleigh Studios on Melrose. Before the screening the red carpet was open for the flex. We spotted some of the cast which includes Brian White (Stomp the Yard, Moonlight), Claudia Jordan (Real Housewives of Atlanta, Middle Men), and Kearia Schroader and other familiar faces like DJ XO, Duane Finley (young Slim from The Wood), Tiny Lister (Deebo), and the founder of Ma-Me Mogul Yavonne Hand.

Heres a recap and trailer for the movie:

After Frank's wife is mysteriously poisoned, he discovers a diary with indicating all of her previous lovers who also are potential murder suspects.

While on the carpet The Nuesstand was lucky enough to get an interview with Brian White, DJ XO, and Ms.Yavonne Hand. Check out the interviews below.

Nuee x Brian White (Actor)

Nuee x DJ XO (Producer / DJ)

Nuee x Yavonne Hand (CEO Ma-Me Mogul)

Photos by The Nuesstand:

Nuee x Claudia Jordan (Cast member)


Claudia Jordan x Brian White x Kearia Schroader

Nuee x DJ XO


I had a blast corresponding this event! I was hella nervous I won't lie. These things are very fast pace and you literally have to step up or you won't get any interviews or good content. I think I did well for my first one, I'll just lose the gum next time.

I got a chance to turn up with the cast at the after party, made several connections, and most importantly I got a glimpse of what life is about to be like. This journey has been crazy, I never even knew that I wanted to be in media until I moved to Miami and started blogging for a local media . Three years later the vision brought me to LA The Nuesstand presents to the world our OWN MEDIA OUTLET serving #POSITIVEPRESS.

Thank you so much for your support thus far. We look forward to serving you several cups of positivitea! Be sure join the mailing list for exclusive content and access to all things tea related.

To book positive press for your event click HERE and submit an email. Please allow 48 hours for a response. Peace, love, and positiviTEA!


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