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Glow Up 101

When you hear the phrase "Glow Up" what comes to mind?

I'm sure most of us think of a physical transformations and then vs now meme's right? Well, tribe I realize that there is so much more to it than physically transforming. 

So, what does it REALLY mean to glow up? 

Grab your tea cups, lets go deeper!

The Glow Up is a constant mental, physical, and spiritual process where you begin recognizing who you are, what you really want for yourself and actually believing that you deserve it and that it's attainable.

It aint always easy though. It starts from within and that inner work ain't no hoe. Whole heartedly accepting the mistakes you've made, your flaws and things you need to change is not an easy pill to swallow. Self checks are the best check's though and if you want to grow you gotta let that shit go!

Old unhealthy habits, friends, attitudes, and perspectives only dim your light within and prolong your glow up!

Once you finally cleanse yourself from the unhealthy degree you can be free and content with what you have, where you are, and who you are becoming. The moment that you are able to find happiness within YOURSELF & purpose in what you DO, that's when you have hit THE GLOW UP.

Respect The Process

Every Nuee level will require a Nuee you so get your mind right. There's really no destination just constant growth and alignment mentally, physically, and spiritually. Now, this process is different for everyone but there is one thing that always remains the same.. its a REOCCURRING! The process usually occurs in these 5 stages:

1) Self Awareness 2) Change / Development 3) Commitment / Consistency to change  4) Acknowledgement  5) Confidence / Happiness 

Transparency TEA

I wanted to start this blog while I was in college and I can honestly say that nothing was stopping me but ME. At the time I wasn't AWARE of who I was, I wasn't HAPPY with what I had, and I didn't BELIEVE that I was capable of achieving it.. but look at me now *Chris Brown Voice*.

I can boldly step out of my comfort zone and into my destiny because I am learning to be happy with MYSELF, to trust my talents and passions and enjoy my journey.

I'm real enough to say that I am not where I want to be in life yet and I don't have it all together BUT I am AWARE of who I TRULY am and who I aspire to be!!!! Most importantly, I am COMMITTED to making the CHANGES necessary to become her and get what God has for me. I finally recognize that what I have achieved so far is GREAT and I don't have to compare myself or my achievements.

My success is no longer determined by society's standards or anyone else's. I am finally HAPPY with who I am and everything that I have and that's why I have that glow y'all been peeping out lately.


This is a MARATHON, not a SPRINT and it's not over until God calls you home. So don't let the internet rush you and don't waste your time comparing your life to people's highlights on instagram! Everything that glitters ain't gold and every similing face you see on IG aint a happy spirit.

Even your peers who are shining right now have bad days, insecurities, and battles to fight on their journey. Jesus endured some of the worst trials and tribulations but he got through it because he was built for it, just like you!


As long as you are actively pursuing your purpose and creating the life you desire you are WINNING, PERIOD!

Stay steadfast on YOUR journey and focus on YOUR steps to success and watch God work it all out for you."Stars don't shine because they want to be seen. They shine because they are stars"- Alexander Den Heijer.

I want to see everybody GLOWING & GROWING from the inside out especially, #TeamPositiviTEA. So let's see where we are in the process started by asking ourselves two questions to identify our level of self awareness:

1) What you can do DAILY to improve your life mentally, physically and spiritually? Choose one activity per category.

2) Are you able to accept and apply constructive criticism? How do you react when it is given to you?

One study shows that only 10-15% of us are truly self aware and we're going to raise that percentage. Next week we will dive further into self-awareness with an assessment that will tell you exactly where you are on the scale of awareness. Be sure to join the mailing list for exclusive members only TEA!

Until next time positive vibes tribe. Lets GLOW babbbyyy. 

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